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Book Title:  N˜òŸvijñ˜na: The Crest-Jewel of ·yurveda

        A Translation of Six Central Texts and an Examination of the   

            Sources, Influence and Development of Indian Pulse-Diagnosis.

                ISBN:  978-3-639-30673-6

                VDM Publishing, VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller  01/11


Article Title: “Shiva Nataraja – Tirumular, Atbudha Dance."

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Article Title:  ““India’s RAW and Pakistan’s ISI: Implications of the Use of Proxy Armies in South Asia.” 

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Article Title: "Philosophical Influence in Indian Medicine."

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Article Title:  "Down to the Sea with Paper, Pen and Time."

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Article Title:  "Going to the Beach For the Health of It." 

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