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"The Real Dear Prudence on Meeting

Beatles in India"


What makes this book stand out is the fact that it’s not a typical, dishy celebrity tell-all, although there are some fascinating stories about her Hollywood upbringing and her time with the Beatles ... It’s a portrait of a young woman trying to center her life amid personal pain and how she found herself. Overall, it’s a rather life-affirming tale from someone who’s more than just a footnote in pop-music history.

A moving, spiritual account of a search for meaning through meditation.


"NEW" - July 2, 2015:
Book Title: Dear Prudence: The Story Behind the Song. CS Independent Publishing Platform, North Charleston, South Carolina. 07/15

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"Dear Prudence: The Story Behind the Song"

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“The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so are you…”
Those simple lines from the Beatles’ ballad, “Dear Prudence,” are easily recognizable by anyone who lived through the 1960s, as well as by the millions of people who continue to enjoy the Beatles’ music today.  But who was Prudence?  What’s the real story behind the song? 

Prudence Farrow Bruns, a daughter of the prominent Farrow family that includes sister and actress Mia Farrow, finally sets the story straight. Her memoir speaks to her three-month self-imposed meditative seclusion in India in 1968, while also carefully examining the universal experience of the 1960s youth movement. 

Farrow honestly and unflinchingly explores how music, drugs, the Vietnam War, and eastern mysticism and philosophy changed millions of young people’s worldviews during one of America’s most tumultuous decades. She also touches on her own famous family’s heartaches and triumphs, even as she voices the experiences of an entire generation through a single iconic song.

“Your book is so needed by so many.  Well done!  I especially noted the new generations following the path!”   DONOVAN LEITCH, Singer/Songwriter

“I recommend Prudence Farrow Bruns’ book, Dear Prudence: The Story Behind the Song, to all my patients."  

Cher McClellan, LMHC, Family Counselor, Psychotherapist.

​"Wildly entertaining, deeply personal, profoundly insightful, Prudence Farrow Bruns’ memoir, Dear Prudence, is a gripping journey from sheltered innocence to the heart of darkness and into the light.  This is a book that will appeal to lovers of old Hollywood, children of the 60’s, Beatles fans young and old, deep thinkers and most significantly spiritual seekers." 

Andrea Pflaumer, writer.

Prudence Farrow Bruns​ PhD